Shimshal Pass Trek

Shimshal is the remotest area of the Hunza Valley, near the Chinese border, remotest valley in the entire Karakoram, located on three hours driving distance from the Karakoram Highway 53km at Passu. It is only accessible through a narrow, barrow gorge across the Passu area and Hunza River. Shimshal covers the largest territory of the Gojal of the Hunza. From its western reaches border by the Hunza River, its area extends as far as Baltistan to the East and it northern Khunjerap River, demarcates the frontier with China.

Trekking to Shimshal's broad Pamir highlands takes you to top the Shimshali’s favourite place, where lakes sparkle on the Central Asian watershed and herds call melodiously across the hills. Yaks and several thousands sheep and goats graze in the Shimshal Pamir, an extensive alpine grassland above 4500m. In late May, women and children leave Shimshal village for Shuizherav (pastureland). In June, they move to Shuwerth, the main summer settlement just beyond the Shimshal Pass. In early September, they move back to Shuizherav, and in early October, they return to Shimshal village.  


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Altitude: Pass (4735m) and Mingil Sar (6050M)
Duration:   14 -16 days
Season:    June-September