Rush Lake Trek

Rush Lake in the high altitude lake located near Rush Pari Peak (4700) Rush Lake in one of the highest alpine Lake in the world , located about 15 km north of Mia peak and Spantik (Golden Peak). It in rather easy but amazing. The trek take you into some of most mountains beauties of the world , breath trekking and rewarding Trek in the heart of the Hunza Valley. It is the best option Trek you can see meadows terraced field of karakuram short Trek Starts across the valley and the Hunza river at Hope where Barpu  Glaciers meets Balture Glacier. Rush Lake and Rush Peak can be reached via Nagar and Hoper and via Hoper glacier.the trek to Rush Lake provides spectacular views of Spantik, Phupaash peak Ultar , Miar Peak. The blue coloured crystal water with Lush green slopes of wild flowers surrounded by white Peaks makes it a great appearance, you can see yak talking both in the frozen take. At Rush Lake you can climb Rush peak (5098m) At summit we can breath taking views of magnificent huge mountains. This is the places where two big glaciers meet Hispar (67 km) and Biafo glaciers (54 km).


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Range:        Karakorum
Duration:     21 days                                            
Altitude:       5151M
Region:       Biafo Glacier 
Grade:        Strenuous