Round Nanaga Parbat Trek

Nanga Parbat (8125 m/26,813 ft), the second highest mountain in Pakistan and 9th in the world is known as one of the three most challenging mountains in the world. For tourists and trekkers, Nanga Parbat is one of the most beautiful mountains with three famous faces known as Rupal, Diamer and Raikot.

The huge massif has a series of ridges and pinnacles culminating at 8125m/26,813 ft with the name of Nanga Parbat, which means 'naked mountain'. The other given name which gained fame is Killer Mountain as the early disasters on this peak were drastic and once had the maximum number of causalities as compared to any other mountain in the world. After a long struggle, it was finally conquered by a joint Austrian-German expedition when Hermann BuhI made the final ascent in a strenuous forty one hour solo ordeal without oxygen.

In the program we make a circle around the mountain and witness the beauty and culture of the surrounding areas. While trekking, we cross the maximum height of 5377meters/17,744feet at Mazino, a semi technical pass, which requires fixed ropes while making the descent on steep crevassed slopes. We finish our trekking and camp at Fairy Meadows, the given name of which really defines its meaning.


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Range:        Himalayas
Duration:     22 days                                            
Altitude:       5377M
Region:       Gilgit-Baltistan  
Grade:        Strenuous