Great Trango Tower (6,286 M)

The Great Trango Tower is one of the jagged granite needles and blocks of Trango Tower alongwith glimmering Trango Glacier situated in Baltoro region.

At the snout of the Baltoro Glacier the trail divides. We will take the left branch to the BC of Trango Tower. En-route we will enjoy spectacular views and gigantic mountain panorama including Paiyu Peak (6660m), Uli Biaho Tower (6417m), Liligo, Urdukas Peak, Gasherbrum IV (7925m), Mitre Peak (6025m) and etc. The amphitheatre provides an ideal venue to appreciate some of the most inspiring and unique mountain vistas in the world.


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Range:             Karakoram
Altitude:          6286m
Zone:               Open
Duration:        45 Days
Best Time:        May - End September