Accross Silk Route Safari

Traveling along the KKH is an experience that will not fail to captivate and enthrall you. The landscape is striking. In places, sheer, snow-capped mountains ascend from deep valleys while, elsewhere, lush alpine meadows are captured in colorful wildflowers and dazzling apple blossoms. Terraced villages are dotted around this monumental terrian, supported by traditional farming methods and lifestyles that have seen little change over the centuries.

Each day provides a new and exciting scene-the reason why this experience has gained so much popular support from international travelers. Talk to anyone who has driven the 1284km-long highway twists through three great mountain ranges- the Himalaya, Karakoram and Pamirs-and follows one of the ancient silk routes along the valleys of the Indus, Gilgit and Hunza Rivers.

This is essentially a vehicle-based trip, but optional day walks have been included in the Swat and Hunza Valleys. If you love awe-inspiring mountain scenery, fantastic cultural diversity and history, and the idea of little effort to experience it, this is the trip for you.


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Zone:               Open
Duration:         18 Days
Best Time:        July - September