Expedition will comprise a group of like-minded individuals pooling their efforts and talents to surmount a significant Himalayan objective. Our climb members join us because they are looking for an organized effort but do not need the meticulous catering offered by many organizations nor the expense which comes with it. We believe in offering lower cost alternatives and sharing more responsibilities with our clients. That said you will find the services during the trek and at base camp of the highest quality. In fact we stay in the same hotels and use many of the same local companies as significantly higher priced trips.

Our equipment too is of a high standard, and we use North Face or Salewa tents, and have at least 1 Iridium satellite phone at BC at all times... Like all of our climbs this expedition is a flexible climb. There is no regimented strategy in place, and members can move at their own pace without the stress of having to keep up with a climbing line. It is required however, that team members be able to maintain a degree of self sufficiency, and understand that the climbing leader is there for the general leadership of the group, and not to devote all his resources to ensuring any single member reaches the top. The expedition manager will make all decisions in consultation with the group.